About Us

Fortress Learning is a privately owned Registered Training Organisation (RTO) dedicated to supporting and creating training professionals.

We are committed to our work and believe strongly in the importance of education and the potential it can instil in every individual.

Fortress Learning is a privately owned Registered Training Organisation (RTO) with registration number 31974. Our registration details are publicly available through www.training.gov.au.

All of the qualifications that are listed in this website are on our Scope of Registration, meaning that our courses are nationally recognised as part of the National Skills Framework, and that it adheres to the requirements of the VET Quality Framework.

Why we do it?
We are committed to our work for three reasons:

1. Philosophically, we believe that as a business as a part of a progressive liberal democracy, we have a duty to uphold basic rights. The United Nations Declaration of Human Rights makes clear that education should be made “generally available … and equally accessible to all on the basis of merit”. It is with this philosophy in mind that we approach training.

2. Ethically, we are not comfortable with the idea that students should be charged as if they do require more time and effort than they actually do.

3. Economically, Fortress Learning was from the outset established using a very low cost business model.

We are a family-owned business whose owners like to sleep soundly at night.  That means we take care to deliver on our promises, and focus on developing sustained quality service rather than on generating short-term returns to invisible shareholders.


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