The Effectiveness of Upgrading Certificate IV in Training & Assessment. Insights from a Survey of Candidates.

The following Abstract is based on research conducted by Fortress Learning’s Nik Bogduk and Bryan West.  It has been accepted for presentation at the Australian Deans of Education Vocational Education Group (ACDEVEG), 2019, Conference, to be held at Charles Sturt University in December.  The Conference website is here. 

Access to “quality and capable VET teachers” is a global concern (Rasmusssen, 2016) Recent changes in Vocational Education and Training have required Trainers to upgrade their Certificate IV.  While the intention was an effort to improve standards (Australian Skills Quality Authority, 2015), relying on upgrading the Certificate IV is dissonant with the recommendations of earlier (Simons & Smith, 2008; Smith & Grace, 2011; Smith & Yasukawa, 2017) and subsequent researchers (Rasmussen, 2016; Smith & Yasukawa, 2017). Read more…

How long your Cert IV TAE takes depends on marking times.

How long does it take to complete TAE Cert 4

Asking how long it takes to complete the Cert 4 in Training & Assessment (TAE40116) is very much like asking how long is a piece of string.  But, there is one thing more than others that has an incredible impact on how long it is going to take you to graduate.

And it is something that is entirely out of your control and which may cause you to pull your hair out if you are not aware of it.

What is it? Read more…

Reflecting on your TAE Cert IV Upgrade: A research project by Fortress Learning

There are lots of strong opinions about the Upgrade to the Cert IV TAE.  We have undertaken some preliminary investigations with people who graduated with Fortress Learning’s own Upgrade, and would like to expand that further to include people who completed their program with other RTOs.

We invite you to complete this 6 item/2 minute survey to share your opinion on the Cert IV TAE Upgrade program that you undertook.   Read more…