When it comes to upgrading the Cert IV TAE, meeting the April 1 deadline might be the most risky approach.

Running late for the TAE Upgrade

As the deadline for the change in Standards draws ever nearer, so the emotions surrounding the TAE Upgrade situation continue to rise.  Amid those emotions is the question of what will happen to people who have not upgraded?

Before launching into what we think, it is safe to say that the sky will likely not fall in and, to our minds, this means it is better to take a bit more time to get the Upgrade done properly, than try to shortcut it just to meet the deadline. Read more…

In defense of TAEASS502 – the single unit that might help the VET industry regain its confidence.

regOn the surface, it would seem that the majority opinion is that TAEASS502 does not belong in the TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training & Assessment.  We do not need to look far to find some very assertive – and often very aggressive – comments that lambast the decision to include it as a Core in the new Cert IV TAE.

We disagree.  And it is not because of the effect on people doing the whole TAE40116 qualification, who are starting from scratch.  Rather, it is because it of the effect on people who have done the old one.  It is quite possible that this effect will help the VET sector as a whole regain some confidence. Read more…

Will the Dip VET replace the Cert IV TAE in the Standards for RTOs? It may not need to.

Wonderful TAE50116

Will the Dip VET TAE50116 replace the Cert IV TAE? It’s a question we at Fortress Learning are asked every day.  However, like many things in the world of VET, the answer is, “We really don’t know”.

So, what do we know?

The court of public opinion seems to suggest the answer will be “Yes”.  Even if the Standards do not require it, the winds of change seem to be blowing Trainers and Assessors to see the Dip VET as a professional must-have.  The outcome of that is that professional trainers and assessors will exceed the minimum TAE requirement of the Standards.  Read more…