Challenges facing VET – Just turning up is not enough.

Challenges facing VET


I train First Aid  specifically. I find that there is an expectation that students will be deemed competent just by attending a course. We train a one day course with E-Learning and whilst not mandatory many students consider it an imposition on their time. Workplaces often say their employees won’t do it. Read more…

Challenges facing VET – Financial caps in VET compared with HECS for university

Challenges facing VET


After the travesty that was the VET Fee-Help scheme and the ‘shonky providers’ publicity that went along with that (whereby all RTOs – good and bad – were lumped into one ‘shonky’ basket) – the government introduced the ill-conceived and almost unworkable VET Student Loan scheme (VSL).  The VSL scheme was devised by government, and ‘cobbled together’ by bureaucrats, with no consultation with reputable VFH providers who had nothing whatsoever to do with the rorts and rip-offs undertaken by the shonks. Read more…

Challenges Facing VET – What is it and where did it come from?

Challenges facing VET

Challenges facing VET is a response to what has become a difficult landscape for all training professionals.   There is much to discuss, digest and directions to determine.

As an industry, it is critical that we do this together.  Our strength lies in our ability to take the best ideas from each other and nurture from those ideas greater ideas. Read more…

Challenges facing VET – Expectations associated with Assessment

Challenges facing VET

There’s probably no surprise that sooner or later someone would bring up assessment as a challenge in VET.

Audit results show it as a number one issue, anecdotal evidence shows it as a number one issue, and the number of forums, webinars and other PD offerings available and dedicated to explaining assessment-related concepts, show it as a number one issue.

Why is this the case? A number of reasons, I’m sure. However, I’m not entirely sure that I agree assessment per se is the issue. Read more…

Challenges facing VET – Do we need to re-think the role of trainers and assessors?

Challenges facing VET

Over the years the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment has been revised several times:

The purpose (or justification) of each change was to improve the overall quality and reliability of training and assessment by improving the competencies of trainer/assessors. Read more…

Challenges facing VET – is there a place for Training Products in a Service Sector?

Challenges facing VET


A common complaint among TAE Cert IV students is that it has far too much jargon and terminology.  Many of those students find the qualification somewhat impenetrable because of that language, and this reduced the qualification’s effectiveness.

That is not new to anyone.

But what if the language used more broadly in VET was also reducing the effectiveness of qualifications?

I am referring here to one term in particular: Training ProductRead more…