Introduction to Field A Design

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Field A Design covers the following units of competency, TAEDES401A: Design and develop learning programs and TAEDES402A: Use training packages and accredited courses to meet client’s needs. In this field you will develop competencies that will enable you to use training packages and accredited courses in the context of a range of organisational needs. You will also learn how to conceptualise, design, develop and evaluate learning programs to meet the needs of identified learners.

Field A Learning Guide: Table of Contents

Vocational Education & Training

VET Policies & Frameworks

User Choice

VET Stakeholders

Training Packages

National Skills Framework

Strategic & Business Planning

Quality Assurance

Continuous Improvement Model

Legal & Ethical Responsibilities

Seeking Feedback

Managing Our Workload

Collaborating With Others

Continually Improving Client Service

Focusing On Clients’ Needs

Communicating With Our Clients

Why Use A Training Package Or Other Accredited Course?

Finding the right level – Making sense of the AQF

Recognition Of Prior Learning (RPL)

Selecting A Training Package

Understanding The Structure Of A Unit Of Competency

Contextualisation Adds Meaning

Types Of Hazards

Assessing For Client Needs

Clarify The Purpose Of The Learning Program

Find Out The Characteristics Of Your Learners

Writing a Scope Statement

Confirming The Content Of Our Learning Program

Writing Learning Objectives

Using The Smart Formula To Write Objectives

Choosing Resources For The Learning Program

Develop Possible Learning Strategies

Existing Resources Influence Our Learning Strategy

Learner Needs Influence The Learning Strategy

Adult Learning Styles Influence The Learning Strategy

Other People Influence The Learning Strategy

Learning Strategy Informs The Learning Activities

Writing A Session Plan

Timing Our Session Plans

Confirming And Documenting Our Decisions

Reviewing The Program