Challenges Facing VET – What is it and where did it come from?

Challenges facing VET

Challenges facing VET is a response to what has become a difficult landscape for all training professionals.   There is much to discuss, digest and directions to determine.

As an industry, it is critical that we do this together.  Our strength lies in our ability to take the best ideas from each other and nurture from those ideas greater ideas.

However, much of the visible professional conversation among the folks who inhabit the world of VET appears to have deteriorated into impolite exchanges of opinion and seems more likely to exclude the open sharing of thoughts and discussion of issues of concern.   Over the past few months we have been finding an increasing number of people seeking a place where issues facing VET can be expressed, explored and challenged.  Of course, there are many forums where these things happen, but what we are finding is that people are rejecting those platforms because of what they see as the dominance of what they see as opinion-based aggression.

In short, they want somewhere to be able to share their thoughts, and where those thoughts are free from the above.  They fear speaking because they fear being shut down.

And yet, we do seem to agree that there are some challenges facing VET and that these challenges need to be more openly considered.

Introducing Challenges facing VET – An Occasional Series
To provide people with a place to share their thoughts and ideas, we have created a new category within the Fortress Learning website: Challenges facing VET.
To ensure contributor comfort, and address the fear of being shut down, comments on the site are closed.  However, collegial discussion of the ideas that are presented is welcome at the VET PD Group, HERE.
This is a platform that we are making available to anyone who wishes to participate.  Depending on the level of interest, this may lead to articles being collated and printed which will be a terrific contribution to the current reviews of VET that are underway.
Anyone from our industry who wishes to share what they see as a challenge facing VET is welcome to contribute.  All contributors will receive attribution and links to their own sites, etc.  It is anticipated that successful contributions will be:
  • about 300-600 words, although there is no real upper or lower limit
  • focused on a single challenge
  • written in a polite and non-inflammatory way
  • links to past contributions or external sources, as required
Who is behind it?
The idea came from Bryan West who both owns and manages Fortress Learning (RTO 31974), in conversation with other people who are concerned about and committed to the strength of Australia’s VET sector.
Invitation to Contribute
Contributions from others that explore issues and ideas in a polite and non-inflammatory manner are welcome, and may be sent to
Full attribution and relevant links will be provided for contributors, so be sure to include your biographical sketch with your submission.
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