Conversations: Sun talks about doing her Cert IV TAE with Fortress Learning

I had the pleasure of speaking to Sun Hae Kim, a Community Centre Supervisor for a council in New South Wales.

Sun completed a Cert IV in Training and Assessment with Fortress Learning and was kind enough to have a chat with me about her experience.

The Key Takeaways:

• How the certificate has helped Sun in her role as a multi-cultural community centre supervisor: By obtaining this qualification I would gain more experience and skills to provide more structured and formalized training for my volunteers (3:33).
• Sun talks about her experience with online learning. Sun has not only completed her Fortress Learning certificate online, but completed half of her social work degree through distance learning and her diploma of management too (3:58).
• Discipline and time management is crucial when it comes to juggling your personal life with work and study (5:10).
• In Sun’s spare time she is currently taking ANOTHER online course learning Mandarin! Sun says the language isn’t easy to master, however there are a large population of Chinese people who come into the community centre and the ability to speak conversational Mandarin comes in handy (5:50).
• Sun sends her gratitude to Emma and Sarah of Fortress Learning who have been really, really helpful and guided her through every step of the way (7:33).

Listen to the full interview here:


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About the interviewer:

Genevieve in Central ParkGenevieve is a journalism graduate who currently resides in Brooklyn, New York. Before they created Fortress Learning, Genevieve was taught by both Bryan and Amy when she was in high school in Far North Queensland. Genevieve first started working for Fortress Learning in 2010 doing admin tasks, and is now back six years later to have conversations with past and present students about Fortress Learning and online learning in general.

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