Adelaide Face to Face TAE Program

Face to Face Cert IV TAE in Cairns and Townsville

NRT logoOur Adelaide program is for people seeking the TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training & Assessment in a unique and thoughtfully integrated program that balances the best of both face-to-face and online delivery methods without taking short cuts.

Please note: In accordance with social distancing measures, these face-to-face workshops may be conducted via a live online classroom, such as Zoom.  Please contact us before enrolling to ensure your preferred delivery format is being provided.

About the Program

Fortress Learning’s Face to Face Adelaide Cert IV TAE program is based on the knowledge that people many people wish to engage in a robust and rigorous program that includes both face to face and online components.  These people are not afraid of a bit of hard work, and understand that finding a balance between both group and individual work is often ideal.

For that reason, this program integrates all the required skills and knowledge from the TAE40116 qualification into an enjoyable program that blends hands-on face to face delivery followed by ongoing supported online study and assessment.

Our course will suit people who:

  • Currently train and assess in the workplace and who need to formalise their skills
  • People in the workplace who would like to become Trainers and Assessors in their workplace or in a Registered Training Organisations (RTO)
  • Existing Trainers and Assessors in RTOs
  • Or simply those wishing to educate themselves further in Adult Education

Fortress Learning’s Face to Face Adelaide Cert IV TAE program is delivered in two formats:

Daytime classes:  10 consecutive business days followed by additional learning/assessment tasks

Evening classes:  3 evenings per week for 6 weeks, followed by additional learning/assessment tasks

These courses are next scheduled to commence as follows in 2020, subject to numbers:



Full Program - Evening classes
6 weeks F2F


Commences: Monday 13 July
Ends: Friday 21 August


Start and Finish Times:

Evening Class:

  • We will commence at 5pm and finish at about 9pm, subject to the needs and preferences of each group of students.
  • We’ll break for ‘evening tea’ and the timing of that will be based on how the class is feeling on each day.

Daytime Class:

  • We will commence at 9am and finish at about 5pm.
  • We’ll break for lunch, and morning/afternoon tea.

The Venue:

Level 3

127 Rundle Mall


Umer-Imtiaz-TAE-Adelaide_AustraliaUmer Imtiaz is a target oriented person and believes in lifelong learning. He holds Diploma of Vocational Education and Training, Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management, TESOL Certificate IV, Diploma of Business, Diploma of IT, Advanced Certificate in Enterprising and has a Master Degree in Artificial Intelligence. Umer trains in Leadership and Management, Software Development and IT related qualifications.

He is our lead TAE trainer in Adelaide.

Umer believes: there is a clear and set pattern of success – learn from mistakes, self believe, work hard, stay focused and work with great people.

You can expect a high level of support both during and following the face to face component.  This will be detailed on Day 1, and will include:

  1. helpful response times for things like emails, phone calls and assessment of your submissions
  2. clear and thoughtful answers to your questions
  3. random contact from us to see how you are going

You will also have direct access to support through:

  • our Facebook Discussion Group
  • online chat
  • email and phone support
  • the option to attend further face to face components (subject to availability of places in those courses)
  • Our time efficient delivery provides you with a blended face to face delivery of either 10 consecutive business days, or evening classes spread over 6 weeks.
  • Most practical training sessions and group assessments are completed in class. However, depending on enrolment numbers, you may be required to deliver group and individual training outside of the face-to-face workshops.
  • There are assessment tasks that will need to be completed after the face to face delivery of the course.  These include things like designing learning programs, developing assessment tools and demonstrating your knowledge. For this, you will have access to all course materials and resources via our online Dashboard and Resource Space, as well as support from your trainer, for the duration of your enrolment.
  • You are free to submit tasks as soon as they are completed.
  • The course design provides you with the ability to work around your current commitments to complete your course.

The entire duration of enrolment is:  6 months

This includes two components:

The face to face component:  10 days for the Daytime program, or 3 weekly sessions over 6 weeks for the Evening program

The online/distance component:  the remainder of the enrolment period

How does it work?

The initial face-to-face portion of the course will take 2 weeks (or its equivalent).  This provides the foundation learning for the program, and also includes a considerable amount of the practical assessment components, especially those that require access to other people

Following the face -to-face component, your learning will continue and you will have further assessment tasks to complete.  The pace at which you complete these is up to you, although experience tells us that many people will require 4-6 months so you can fully immerse yourself in the program, and better juggle the program with other components of your life.


What will affect how long my TAE Cert IV will take?

Experience tells us that the following factors will affect the time it takes to complete this course:

  • Experience – if you have experience in training/assessing, then you will likely not need as long as people without experience
  • Dedication – if you have a good reason to do the course, and can hold yourself accountable, then you will likely not need as long as people who are less committed
  • Other commitments – if you have a busy life with many competing professional and personal demands, then you will likely need longer than those people with fewer demands.

All assessments are based on real life workplace scenarios, meaning that there is no requirement for assessments to be completed in a particular workplace. Ultimately, you will have 6 months from the beginning of your course to complete and submit your assessment tasks.

What do I need to bring to class?

Yourself of course, but you will also need to bring to class your Laptop, photo ID, pens and paper for taking notes. You will be provided with soft copy resources at the beginning of the course and a series of hard copy handouts throughout.

What do I need to wear?

As you will spend a lot of time sitting in class, you will need to wear something that is comfortable but suitable for a professional classroom environment.

The fee for this program is $2950.  This is payable as follows:

  • $1500 on enrolment, and prior to course commencement
  • $1000 after 90 days
  • the balance after a further 90 days, or on exit if you are ready to graduate earlier

What does it include?

This fee includes all materials that will be required during the program, including learning resources, assessment materials and support.

What about Credit Transfer?

We are able to award Credit Transfer where a unit you have completed previously is an equivalent version of the one included in this program.  However, because our program is delivered and assessed holistically, it is not likely that just 1-2 units would make much difference to what your program involves.  For this reason, the fee is not reduced unless you are able to obtain Credit Transfer for an entire Cluster (ie, Design, Deliver or Assess).  If you are not sure, then the best thing is to have a chat with your Trainer about this – you are welcome to email us directly to get their thoughts on this before you enrol.

We like our students to be successful.  For that reason, we invite you to follow these steps to begin:

  1.  Complete the Suitability-Self Assessment Checklist, because it is not in your interests – or ours – for people to enrol in programs of study that are in any way unsuitable for them.
  2. Once you are comfortable with the items on that Checklist, then you may complete the Enrolment Form.
  3. The enrolment form will direct you to our Booking Form where you may choose classroom dates which suit your schedule.
  4. Make your first payment, either online or phone with credit card, or via bank deposit.  If your course starts very soon, then paying by credit card over the phone is probably the best way to ensure that the payment is received in time for your place to be confirmed for your chosen course date.
  5. Get things started.   Once we have received your enrolment form and payment, we will confirm your place, verify your USI and get things moving along within 24 hours.

If at any time you are not certain of how to proceed or what is happening, then just let us know and we can work it through together.

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