TAELLN411 – Address Adult Language, Literacy and Numeracy Skills

Ming 6.7.20 Cert IV TAE TAELLN411 Review

NRT logoEvery learner in the Vocational Education and Training sector is faced with new language and literacy challenges. As a vocational trainer, you need to be able to help your learners foster and make evident these skill sets. The TAELLN411 Unit enables you to develop these skills and deliver effective training to those who need it most.

About the Program

  • The current TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training & Assessment includes TAELLN411 as a Core unit.
  • The TAELLN411 – and its predecessor, TAELLN401A – has been an elective unit of TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training & Assessment, but many graduates do not yet possess it.
  • The Standards for RTOs (2015) require that, from July 2019, all Trainers & Assessors hold TAEASS502 and TAELLN411  (or their equivalent predecessor/s).
  • At a minimum, this means that if you hold the older TAE40110 Cert IV TAE, you only need to add in these two units to meet the July 2019 requirement.
  • Alternatively, you may choose to complete one/both of these units as part of your Upgrade to the new TAE40116 Cert IV TAE.
  • Use tools to identify the LLN skill requirements (reading, writing, speaking, listening and numeracy) of the training specification and/or assessment process relevant to vocational delivery;
  • Use various sources to gather information on the current LLN skills of a learner group;
  • Identify available sources of support to address at least two of the identified LLN skill needs of the learner group;
  • Customise and use at least two learning resources to address LLN requirements;
  • Select, use and review at least two instructional strategies that directly address the identified LLN needs of the learner group;
  • Use advice from specialist LLN practitioners to inform practice;
  • Select, use and review at least two assessment strategies that cater for the identified LLN needs of the learner group;
  • Determine areas for improvement of own practice.

Full details about the TAELLN411 Unit can be found at training.gov.au

For more information, phone us on 1300 141 994 or click here to complete our Contact Form.

When it comes to the TAELLN411 Unit, a number of items of evidence will be needed to demonstrate your competence.  We provide an RPL Assessment Tool that walks you through the following steps:

  • Step 1. Describe some Training that you delivered.
  • Step 2.  Show how you determined the ACSF Levels of some training you deliver.
  • Step 3.  Show how you worked out the ACSF Levels of a student.
  • Step 4.  Identify the strategies you developed to help bridge the LLN skills gap(s).
  • Step 5.  Self-Reflection.

A Third Party Report from a suitable person will also be required, and we will provide a template for that.

Experience tells us that providing suitable evidence for some of these steps can be problematic.  For this reason, our RPL Tool includes an option to instead complete a task for each of the steps.  In this regard, Recognition is as much of Current Competency as it is of Prior Learning.

All students who enrol are provided both RPL and Coursework Assessment options so that you can make an informed decision about which path to follow.

No conversation about fees can be separated from conversation about service.  If you missed the following graphic from our Home Page then it shows the level of service we offer.

We think it is worth considering when thinking about fees.

Infographic showing Fortress Learning response times and student feedback on assessment tasks

The fee for the TAELLN411 Address Adult Literacy & Numeracy Skills Unit is:

$300, upfront

Over 45? You might be eligible for 50% funding.

If you are over 45, you might have half of your course fees paid by the government’s Skills Checkpoint for Older Workers (SCOW) program. More information on this page.


We allow 3 months – not because it usually takes that long, but because our students are generally juggling many of life’s commitments and this period gives them the chance to succeed.

It’s one thing to think about taking the next step to secure your future. It is another to actually go and do it.

When you are ready to take control of the direction your life takes, then we invite you to join us.

Our enrolment process involves four steps, as shown below.

You can get your online enrolment started here.

Enrollment Process Infographic

Past students:

If you are a past graduate of Fortress Learning, simply call 1300 141 994 or email enrolments@fortresslearning.com.au and we’ll help you get started.

New students:

You can enrol online by following the steps from here.

For more information, phone us on 1300 141 994 or click here to complete our Contact Form.

 You can call us on 1300 141 994 or fill out the Contact Form.
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