TAERES501 – Apply research to training and assessment practice

TAERES501 Unit

NRT logoHolding this unit is resulting in getting paid more in a growing number of RTOs.  Doing TAERES501 will show Studies in Applied Research that are linked to the Boyer framework of scholarship.  It’s also a chance to do some pretty interesting stuff.

Note:  Enrolments in this unit are expected to re-open on 7 May, 2019.

About the Program

This is an exciting unit.

Why is it exciting?

Because at its heart is the opportunity to roll up our sleeves and dig deep; to discover the reasons for things that have been driving us nuts or keeping us awake at night and, with those discoveries, to make recommendations for a better way of doing things.

You see, research is about indulging our own curiosity.  This unit cements that within our work at the coalface of training and assessment and while it can be complex and challenging and sometimes mind-bending, it is a terribly exciting thing to be able to do.

For many seasoned Trainers/Assessors, the act of research can be professionally invigorating, and renew a sense of commitment to and enthusiasm for their chosen profession.  Research allows us to illuminate things that otherwise lay in darkness, and that is both personally rewarding, professionally satisfying and, if we consider the bigger picture, organizationally essential.  If the VET sector is really going to be equipped to address the challenges it faces, then it will be those training professionals who conduct research at the coalface that will be doing the equipping.

We are being increasingly contacted by professional Trainers/Assessors who are saying that they need to have this unit in order to reach the next pay level.  Of course, this does not affect everyone so it would be worth talking to your own HR people to find out what is needed in your own situation.

There are some private RTOs who seem to be pushing for it.  Most notably is in Victoria, where Schedule 4 of the Victorian TAFE Staff Teaching Agreement 2018 states that for either an AQF Level 5 or Level 6 teaching qualification to be approved for the purposes of determining salary, it must include (among other things):

Studies in Applied Research (linked to the Boyer framework of scholarship).

While many Trainers/Assessors already possess the Dip VET and/or Dip TDD, few will have included TAERES501 – Apply research to training & assessment  as an elective unit.

  • Because most people who have completed either of the TAE Diplomas will not have included this unit.
  • We believe that it is best undertaken by people who already have completed the TAE Diploma/s, rather than part of it, and those who are yet to do the Dip VET will likely find it simpler and quicker for them to obtain that qualification prior to embarking on this unit.

In simplest terms, TAERES501 requires you to do three things:

  • find something in your RTO about training/assessment you think could be better understood
  • plan and then conduct some research to help to improve that understanding
  • report on and review everything you did

Of course, there are more hoops to jump through and the process involves developing three reports:

  1. A Statement of Context, that explores what it is that you think could be researched, and possible ways of doing that research
  2. A Research Brief, that outlines how the research will be conducted
  3. A Report of Findings, that communicates what you did, what you discovered, and what you recommend happens next

We provide a very structured process with helpful templates to scaffold the entire process.

Full details about the TAERES501 Unit can be found at training.gov.au

For more information, phone us on 1300 141 994 or click here to complete our Contact Form.

We believe this unit is suitable for people who:

  • have at least a few years experience at the coalface of an RTO environment
  • have completed at least the core units of the TAE50116 Dip VET, and preferably all of it
  • are committed to their own professional development
  • have an inquiring mind; people who often find themselves asking  Why? or What if?

While we understand that the initial motivation for some people will be a higher rate of pay, we recommend that people entering this program do so with a commitment to immerse themselves fully in its activities.  If getting it done is more important than doing it, it will likely be a rather unfulfilling experience, and perhaps the Fortress Learning approach to the unit will not be the most suitable for you.

When it comes to the TAERES501 Unit, a number of items of evidence will be needed to demonstrate your competence.  In simple terms, this includes showing all of the things in the above tab.

If you have conducted some research previously that is specifically related to Training/Assessment, then that may lead to less tasks for you to do.  Just having done some research will likely not be enough – there are some very particular parts of this unit that will also need to be demonstrated, which may mean that a hybrid approach could be suitable, where we use a combination of what you have done before, and add to it to address any gaps.

We will provide some templates that you can use to collate this information.

A Third Party Report from a suitable person will also be required, and we will provide a template for that.

All students who enrol are provided both RPL and Coursework Assessment options so that you can make an informed decision about which path to follow.

The fee for TAERES501 Apply research to training and assessment practice unit is $600.


We allow 6 months.  Why?  Our students are generally juggling many of life’s commitments and this period gives them the chance to succeed.  It is based on the following allocation of time:

  • Month 1 – work out the research question and develop knowledge related to educational research
  • Month 2 – develop the Research Brief
  • Months 3-5 – conduct the research
  • Month 6 – develop the Report of Findings

The actual duration of each research project will vary, and it may well be possible to complete the research in less than the 3 months allocated above.  Our estimate is that the entire unit will require about 170 hours, based on 100 hours for undertaking the research and analyses component.

It’s one thing to think about taking the next step to secure your future. It is another to actually go and do it.

When you are ready to take control of the direction your life takes, then we invite you to join us.

Our enrolment process involves four steps, as shown below.

You can get your online enrolment started here.

Enrollment Process Infographic

Past students:

If you are a past graduate of Fortress Learning, simply call 1300 141 994 or email student.support@fortresslearning.com.au and we’ll help you get started.

New students:

You can enrol online by following the steps from here.

For more information, phone us on 1300 141 994 or click here to complete our Contact Form.

 You can call us on 1300 141 994 or fill out the Contact Form.