We’re in it together: Doing your TAE during a pandemic.

Together with Fortress

We prefer to work with our students, and experience tells us that even in the best of worlds our students are very much caught between a world of competing demands, being pulled this way and that.  Their circumstances change rapidly and frequently, and we have learned how to bend and adjust with them, and for them.

In the current situation, we know that our students are experiencing additional demands, and additional uncertainties.  We asked them what they need.  The response was surprisingly simple, and is perhaps best captured in this comment from a current student who is facing redundancy if this situation does not improve quickly:

Don’t change.  Actually, the best thing you can do is just keep doing what you do.

There’s already enough things changing.  We just need to know you will be there when we need you to be.  We always knew you cared, so just keep doing that.

So, that is what we will keep doing, and it is what we will continue doing with you when you decide that we are a good fit.

You see, no matter what is happening ‘out there’ our focus is always going to be with you.  We believe that amid the horrible things that are happening at the moment, there are also opportunities for people who wish to take them.  Thinking bigger, more nationally, I actually believe it is a responsibility.  This will end, and at that time there will be so many opportunities awaiting those who are prepared.  Thinking bigger, I actually believe it is a responsibility for us to use this time to prepare ourselves.  This will end, and when it does our nation will depend on people being equipped with the skills needed to get things moving, and get things moving quickly. For many of us, that means getting equipped with new skills.  The ability to equip others with new skills is going to be very much a key to our nation’s recovery.

This page is intended to share some information about our particular way of helping you manage your TAE during the pandemic.

If you do not find the answer you are looking for, or if you just want to talk to a real person, then you are welcome to give us a call. 1300 141 994 is the number, or you can book an appointment HERE.

I wish you well.

Bryan (that’s me down there, with Emma – together we deliver our TAE program)

Bryan and Emma: Get To Know Your Trainer



What can I expect from a Fortress TAE during the pandemic?

You might be wondering if the current need for social distancing and lockdowns means you will even be able to DO your TAE.

Yes, you will need other people, but it is probably not as much as you think, and it is not all or nothing.

Let’s look at the Cert IV TAE and TAE Diplomas separately:

Cert IV TAE:

Of the 14 assessment tasks in the Fortress Cert IV TAE, only 1 requires that you have a group of 8 people.  3 others require that you have one (or maybe 2) other people.  That means more than 70% of the course can be done individually, on your own, at home, and with our support.

Of the others, only a part of each of them directly involves other people.  The one most people seem to focus on is the group delivery.  Yes, you will need to have a group of 8 people, but before you get to that, you will need to prepare the sessions that you will deliver.  The preparations do not need other people.

Your Face to Face Alternative:  Zoom 2 U

For people wanting the advantages of a face to face program, with the flexibility of online delivery, we have created a new program, called Zoom 2 U.  In this program, you will be essentially ‘attend’ 10 days of ‘face to face’ training, delivered via our Zoom platform, across 3 blocks.  You will be able to conduct group based delivery within that environment.  You can learn more about this new program here.

TAE Diplomas:

When it comes to the TAE Diplomas, our students are more often than not gaining RPL for the bits that require lots of training and assessing, so they do not have to be doing it again.  Unless you need to do your 100 hours of delivery (for TAEDEL502) and assessment of 20 candidates (for TAEASS501), then rest can be done almost entirely by yourself, on your own, at home, and with our support.

Almost? Is there a catch here?

No.  Because your situation will have its own peculiarites, we say ‘almost’ just in case.  Our experience is that our Diploma students can, but do not have to involve more than one other person at any other time, and we have many students who complete the entire program with very little involvement of others.

What we are getting at here is that the vast majority, if not all, of the course can be done without needing physical access to other people, and if you are at home with some extra time on your hands, then this is actually a terrific opportunity for you to get it done.

If you are left with just those couple of things to do that need other people, and cannot access those people, then you will be able to hit the pause button and defer.

That way, you can keep moving forwards with confidence, knowing that it is not going to be a case of all or nothing.

This follows on from the above What if? 

The first thing is to let us know.  We’re pretty quick with responding, so get in touch as soon as your circumstances change and we help.

We’ll guide you on which bits of the course to keep doing – most people will be able to get most of the assessment tasks done without having to physically be with others.  Get those done, then hit pause, and come back to finish of the last bits when you are able.

The future of our nation depends on us being healthy.  If you get sick and need to take care of yourself, or if someone else gets sick and you need to take care of them, then your focus should be that.

Hit pause.  We’ll let you defer for 3 months.  No cost.

Hit pause. If you have done everything other than the bits that involve other people, we’ll let you defer for 6 months. No cost.

Uncertain times mean uncertainty and that means less confidence.  It’s okay if you change your mind.

If it is in the first 30 days, then you simply withdraw you will get a full refund. Beyond 30 days, we will charge you a Daily Rate for each day of your enrolment.  We find this makes things fair.

The Daily Rate is shown on our Course Fees page.

We won’t.

We know there are lots of training organisations who will be struggling now because they need to keep getting more students to keep their doors open, but we are not like that.

Our business model means we do charge a bit more than some of the ones who market more aggressively, but this means we have fewer students, to whom we can provide a quality service that we know helps them to succeed.  Our business model is also the reason we have been able to reduce fees by 20% to assist people who are finding cash a bit tight at the moment, but without reducing our service standards.

Good idea.  The first thing we do with every student is develop a Plan.

Because it is such a good way for people to see what they are ‘in for’ we like doing it with inquiring people as well.  If you’d like us to complete a Plan for your situation, complete the form a little further down this page.

We know that it will answer lots of your questions, give you more certainty and help you make a more informed decision, and with confidence.


You do not need to complete the entire program before we issue you a credential.  If you find yourself with an opportunity, and having completed some of your TAE is going to give you the edge, then let us know and we can issue a Statement of Attainment to show your prospective employer what you have done.

One thing future employers will be looking for is not just what people have done before COVID-19, but how have they spent their time during this crisis:  is this person someone who will rise to a challenge?

We’d like to encourage you to give us a call – we have never employed marketing staff, so you won’t have your time wasted with a hard sell by someone who is not really in it with you.

1300 141 994 is the number, or you can book an appointment HERE.

You are also welcome to use the form below.

Either way, let’s catch up soon and see what working together might look like.

I look forward to it.

Bryan West


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