Customer Service, Key to Any Successful Business


The business climate has changed over the last 20 years. Back then, the major concern of most people was price. They shopped around, looking for the best price, and did their business wherever they found that price. But, things have changed. While there are still people around who are interested in getting the best possible price, service has overcome price as the biggest deciding factor in most people’s purchase decisions.

Customer service used to be a small department, tucked away in the back of a store, where people went to complain. Those who staffed that department got to hear a litany of woes from disgruntled customers, while trying to keep a smile on their faces. It was up to them to try and satisfy the already upset customers, without costing the company too much money.

Today, customer service is what everyone does, in order to take care of the customer’s needs. It doesn’t matter what type of business, many have made customer service their number one priority. That’s because today’s customer is more interested in service, than they are in price.

This concept is seen on the Internet, as well as in brick and mortar businesses. People get on the Web looking for a solution to their problems, not looking for a product. When they find the answer, they buy the product. Even though the company didn’t provide any personalized contact with the customer, they still served the customer’s needs, by providing them with information. That’s what made the sale.

This type of customer service requires a new way of thinking; one in which the customer is number one in the minds of everyone in the company, from the janitor who sweeps the floors to the CEO sitting in his office. If it doesn’t become part of the corporate culture, then it won’t happen.

It’s possible to learn about true customer service. Our BSBCUS501C course in Managing Quality Customer Service delves into this new definition of customer service, giving practical advice on how to implement it in your company. With the knowledge and skills that you learn in this course, you can transform your company from an average company to a truly extraordinary one; one in which your customers are your biggest fans.

That’s the goal of customer service; turning your customers into your fan club. Word of mouth advertising has always been the best advertising around, and who can do that better than a customer who’s truly happy with your company?
Providing top-notch customer service is rewarding in a financial sense, but it’s also rewarding in other ways as well.

Sales becomes “helping the customer,” instead of using the customer. That’s ultimately much more satisfying, which makes for a happier workforce. A happier workforce will want to help the customer even more, thereby improving customer service. Instead of a downward spinning cycle, this becomes an upward one; one in which both the company and the customer ends up winning.

This article was published in Equipped, Fortress Learning’s free monthly magazine for success.