How did we come up with our fees for the TAE Diploma Upgrades?


Where did your upgrade fees come from?  It’s a fair question, and one that is easy to answer.  Our TAE Diploma Upgrade Program fees were calculated after considering two questions.  Let’s take a look at them both.

What is a fair price?

When it came to coming up with a fair fee, we simply asked our current and past students to tell us what they thought was a fair price.   You’ll be interested to know that for a single qualification, the “fair” price ranged from about $300 to over $2000 – we’ll talk more about that later.

So, we did a bit of statistical hocus-pocus to work out some figures, then moved to the second question.

How do we not disadvantage our current and past students?

Long before the new TAE Training Package was released, we had the belief that it was going to be something different.   We had initially intended to raise our course fees early in 2016, but instead chose to freeze them.

We had in mind a single goal, which was to ensure that anyone who enrolled in the superseded Diploma would not be disadvantaged.

What would that look like?

In the simplest terms, we wanted to make sure that the total fee that anyone paid before would not be greater than the total fee for the new program, once we got it.

For example, if someone paid $1500 to enrol in the Dual Dip VET/TDD and then they wanted to upgrade, we needed to make sure that the upgrade fee would not take the total fee above what we are now charging to enrol in the latest version of the Dual TAE50116 Dip VET/TAE50216 DipTDD.

So, we went back over the fees we found at Step 1 and reworked them to make sure that our current and past students would not be disadvantaged.

We also encouraged those students to include the TAELLN501B unit as part of their qualification to reduce both the amount of work and the cost that would be involved in upgrading at a later time.

Other considerations.

There are also some other things to consider when it comes to the pricing of the new TAE qualifications.  We expect that they will generally rise across the board, and we wrote about that HERE.

One of the biggest things that seems to be coming through when speaking with professionals in the VET sector is the tension between what they know the qualification is worth to them and what they know it actually costs an RTO to award it through credit transfer.

For those who focus on the cost to the RTO, it is likely that they will view upgrade pricing as too high.  Unfortunately, this judgement does not seem to consider the not-inconsiderable costs to the RTO of gaining the new qualification on Scope, and of managing these now high risk qualifications on Scope within this new environment of regulatory scrutiny.

it’s ridiculous – all you have to do is print a piece of paper. It should cost anything.

it’s a rort. RTOs should just have to give people the new one when they come out

For those who focus on the value for themselves, it is likely that they will see the upgrade pricing as fair.

these are fair prices.  I know that I’ll get more than that from the extra pay that I get

you guys took the risk to get the new quals, you should be able to be rewarded for that

Either way, the decision to upgrade is an entirely personal one.

We asked a bunch of people why they were choosing to upgrade – or not – and that makes for interesting reading HERE.

Can we help?

If you would like to explore your own situation and whether a TAE Diploma Upgrade will be helpful for you, then you are welcome to be in touch with us through our Contact Page.  For more information about our TAE Diploma Upgrade options, please click here.




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