Get to know your Trainer: Who are they? (Pt 1)

Bryan and Emma: Get To Know Your Trainer


Online learning can be flexible, rewarding, affordable, efficient – it can be pretty great!

But, it also can be a lonely path filled with anxiety and uncertainty.

Here at Fortress, we like to make that path as warm and welcoming as possible.

Our TAE Trainers, Bryan and Emma, are very lovely and very willing to answer your questions. Get to know these wonderful humans – your Trainers – by reading our interview below.

This is Part 1 of a 3 part series: Get to know your Trainer.

Bryan and Emma, would you like to start by introducing each other? 

Bryan: This is Emma. Emma is our Compliance Manager and also looks after our Certificate IV Training and Assessment Program. What I would like most of all is to be able to clone Emma.

Emma: This is Bryan – Dr Bryan West, who is our owner of Fortress Learning and the Diploma Trainer and basically all round everything, really. Bryan keeps us afloat, keeps us strong, keeps us steady.  Oh – and he’s also the Manager.

Bryan, where did you grow up?

Bryan: I spent most of my younger years in Newcastle and then I moved to Canberra where I finished my schooling and went to university.

What did you study?

Bryan: I did a Bachelor of Science focusing on natural science, ecology, land management… those sorts of things.

Emma, where did you grow up?

Emma: I come from overseas! I am from England, from a very small little island called the Isle of Wight, which was a lovely place to grow up; 5 minutes from the beach.

I went to The University of Portsmouth which is just across the water… we had to get a hovercraft.

A hovercraft?

Emma: A hovercraft! It was very cool. It blows up and hovers on the water.

What did you study?

Emma: I studied a Bachelor of Literature.

What do you both like to get up to on the weekend?

Bryan: I should say that I love spending time with my family, but the reality is I do love spending time with my family – but I like making things.

I find myself most weekends outside pottering around, whether it’s building a table or fixing a fence or digging a hole, or something like that.  

Emma: You should see Bryan’s hands – they are not office hands.

Bryan: I was helping the neighbours build a roof on the weekend and tore my palm.

Bryan shows us his torn palm

Bryan shows off torn palm

Emma, what do you get up to on the weekend?

Emma: My family and I are the type that really want to be active. If you look in the boot of my car, you can see all sorts of things like life jackets for our kayaks and tennis rackets and footballs and softballs, so we do do that occasionally… Not as much as my car might say.  But, we do like to get out as a family.  I have two young kids, and we have a new puppy.  We tend to try and do things together on the weekend as much as possible.

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