Have You Reviewed Your Website? 

Fortress_Learning-Have You Reviewed Your Website

Having a web presence has gotten to be one of the requirements in today’s business environment. Even brick and mortar stores and businesses need that Internet presence, if for no other reason than to help people find them. We’ve become a society that no longer uses the telephone directory to find businesses, we now “Google it” to find what we want.

Businesses spend millions of dollars per year on building their websites. Yet, for many businesses, that’s all they do, build it. once it’s up, they don’t do anything with it, expecting people to find their website and through it, to find their business.

When was the last time you reviewed your company’s website? Is it doing what it’s supposed to do? Or, has your website just become another black hole for the company’s finances to be dumped into? If you’re like many businesses, then that’s all too apt a description, because nobody is reviewing the website to keep it current, active and effective.

Having an effective website is a full-time job. You can’t expect it to take care of itself, nor can you expect it to accomplish anything on its own. To make it work, you have to work with it, constantly improving it and finding new ways of making it meet your customers’ needs.

A properly maintained website can be a tremendous asset to a company. By keeping it up to date with the company’s latest information, products, and expert commentary, the website becomes a tool for maintaining customer loyalty and attracting new customers as well. On the other hand, leaving a website unattended, without any updates, ensures that visitors will be frustrated and leave, taking their interest and their money elsewhere.

Learning how to maintain a website means more than just learning how to make a web page. You can always hire specialists to do that. No, learning how to maintain it means learning how to figure out what new changes should be made, in order to make the website more effective. You can learn that from our BSBEBU401A course, which is on Review and Maintain a Website.

If your company doesn’t have a well-trained website manager, you can be sure that they’re not getting the most out of the site. People who create websites are trained in the technicalities; how to make pages, flash video graphics, java script applets, and maintain the technical aspects of the site. But, they’re not trained in maintaining the site from the standpoint of ensuring that the site is meeting the customers’ and the company’s needs. That’s a different type of specialty. Yet, all too often, the job of maintaining it is left in the hands of these computer jockeys, because there is nobody else to do it.

In actuality, determining what the website does and how it presents your company is a marketing function, not an IT function. Marketing, or more correctly the website manager in marketing, determines what is needed, and IT creates it. That way, the website meets the company’s needs, and not just the whim of some technical wizard.

This article was published in Equipped, Fortress Learning’s free monthly magazine for success.