Unique Student Identifier

Essentially, a Unique Student Identifier is a way of making all your recognised Australian training available in one place. It will be easier for you to prove you have completed training, gain recognition of prior learning, and you can control who accesses your records and when.

Read more here: http://www.usi.gov.au

We encourage you to create your USI and provide it to us as soon as you can. For most students, the process will only take 5-10 minutes.

Top tip: When creating your USI, it is advisable to request that they notify you via email, since postal notifications can take weeks.

When you have created your USI (details of how to do that below), log into your Dashboard and enter your USI through your profile page (click ‘My Profile’ link on the right hand side of the page).   The following diagram will help.

We then need to verify it, and will aim to do that within 8 business hours.  After we have verified your USI, you will be able to submit your assignments as usual.

If, after 8 business hours, you are still unable to submit assignments through the Dashboard, give us a call.

How to Update USI on your profile

Since it is a legal requirement for all RTOs, we need to ensure that all our students provide one. To facilitate this, from 1 Jan 2015, we will be restricting the accounts of students who have not yet provided a valid USI. Specifically, you will be able to download assignments, but you will not be able to submit them. You will also not be able to graduate until you have provided a USI.

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