Uganda Teachers

Fortress Learning’s international activity involves a range of accredited and non-accredited programs, as well as fee-for-service and charitable programs.

In 2019, we attended the Seeta School in Uganda.  Unlike other trips where we have gone with the intention to deliver some form of training, this was more of a fact-finding visit to discover what the needs of the school and its teachers were.  It was immediately clear that there were a number of needs with regards resources, including such things as desks, walls and electricity.  With regards teacher training, however, discussion with these incredible professionals revealed a knowledge of lesson planning and instructional design that was as good as any other teachers we had ever worked with, both in Australia and abroad.

When asked what the main challenge was that they faced, it was not the immediately obvious absence of resources.  Rather, the consensus was that the biggest challenge affecting student learning was “the dust”.

Fortress Learning is continuing to support The Seeta School through a range of initiatives, including mentoring their Principal and assisting with procuring additional resources.


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