Conversations: Meagan talks about her Diploma with Fortress Learning (video).

I had the pleasure of speaking with Meagan Probert from Key Assets, an Australia-wide foster care organisation.
Meagan is currently enrolled in a Diploma of Leadership & Management with Fortress Learning. The mother of two has a Bachelor of Social Work and has worked in the field for over 20 years. Her current role at Key Assets is Manager of Learning Development and Practice.
I had a lovely chat with Meagan, where among other things, we discussed:

The Key Takeaways:

  • How Meagan is able to juggle work, family and study with the support of her employer  (1:03)
  • How Meagan came across Fortress Learning and why she decided to enrol (3:20)
  • When previously working at a university Meagan had taught online but had never been an online student prior to her diploma with Fortress Learning.  Meagan talks about her experience as a student and how she never felt annoying when reaching out for help (7:15).
  • Why Meagan recommends asking lots of questions before signing up (7:55).
  • The biggest unknown for Meagan was what was expected of her in terms of writing style and how much is required (8:31).
  • Meagan talks about self-planning, self-motivation and reaching out to your employer for help (9:20).

Watch to the full interview here:

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About the interviewer:

Genevieve in Central ParkGenevieve is a journalism graduate who currently resides in Brooklyn, New York. Before they created Fortress Learning, Genevieve was taught by both Bryan and Amy when she was in high school in Far North Queensland. Genevieve first started working for Fortress Learning in 2010 doing admin tasks, and is now back six years later to have conversations with past and present students about Fortress Learning and online learning in general.

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