What we are doing about the new Dip TAE, Dip VET, Dip TDD … or whatever else they are called.

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Well, this new TAE Training Package has certainly got people talking!

I thought I’d best tell you what is going to happen with the new Diplomas.

The Summary:

We have the new Dip TDD on Scope, and have applied for the new Dip VET.

Any student who enrolled in the old Dip TDD is being transferred to graduate in the new one.

We will likely do the same for anyone who enrols in the old Dip VET if/when we get the new one approved.

The cost of the new Diplomas will probably go up A LOT once people get it on Scope.

It will save a heap of time and money to start now.

The Details:

When will we get them?

Let’s look at the two Diplomas separately.

The new Dip TDD (50216) is already on our scope.  Easy.

As to the new Dip VET (50116), well, we don’t know.  I’d love to have an exact date, but the simple reality is that we just don’t know.  We have submitted our application, and are waiting for ASQA to tell us what happens next.

I cannot imagine that anyone is going to have the new TAE qualifications on their scope for several months.

What does that mean for you?

Well, it means that you have some choices. If you want the new Dip VET, then you really have two choices:

1.  you can wait until we or someone else gets it on their scope, and then begin.  OR

2.  you can begin now and make sure your program will make it easy to gain the new Dip VET when it is on scope.

Okay, I cannot afford to wait to start – what do you recommend?

We believe that if you see the Dip VET/TDD as an important part of your career, then get started now.  We have been future proofing our past students ever since we got wind of the changes, and we will do the same for you.  Here’s how it will work for you:

You enrol in the Dual Dip VET/TDD, and we develop your Personal Learning Plan in such a way that you have the units that will be match what the new Dip VET requires.  Then, when it comes time to graduate, if we don’t yet have the new Dip VET on Scope, we issue you 4 things.

For the Dip TDD, we will issue you the latest TAE50216 qualification, and a Record of Results that lists the latest units of competency (that will also include the TAEASS502 that is needed if you wanted to upgrade your Cert IV TAE).

For the Dip VET, we will issue you the TAE50111 qualification, and a Record of Results that lists its units of competency.

If we do have the new Dip VET on Scope, we will likely issue that instead.

How does that help me get the new Dip VET?

The Dip TDD results will include all the units you need to gain the new Dip VET entirely via credit.  If we get it on scope, we can do that.  But, and here is the important thing, nobody really knows what ASQA is going to do – we know that they are wanting to reduce the number of RTOs delivering the TAE, but we don’t know what that means for us.  (We are confident, but we cannot be certain and we would rather not promise something that we are not 100% certain of.)  So, even if we don’t get it on scope, you will be able to gain the new Dip VET through credit transfer from someone who does get it.

It also means you are not waiting to get it done – you can start now with the knowledge that you are not wasting your time and effort.

I’m still not sure – can I just talk to someone.

Great – give me a call on 1300 141 994.

My name is Bryan and I will be your Trainer.  If you’d prefer to schedule a time, use this nifty little thing that my students love:  https://bryanwest.youcanbook.me

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