Where do our online training students come from?

Where did our students come from

We got a few questions after posting the Infographic about why people refer us.  One of the questions was:  where do your online training students come from?

We crunched the data and since the beginning of 2016, a whopping 56% of our new students came to us by word of mouth.  Of those, it was an even split between word of mouth from people who are studying with us or have studied with us before, and those who have heard about us on the grapevine.  And it doesn’t seem to matter whether it is the Cert IV TAE, Dip VET/TDD or Diploma of Business, the results are consistent across all of our learning programs.

That’s a figure that pleases us for three reasons:

  1. it means we are serving our students: if we weren’t serving our students in a way that they appreciated, then they would not be talking about us and recommending us.
  2. it means we our fees are lower: if we have to advertise to get all of our students, then our fees (your fees?!) would have to go up to pay for it.
  3. it means we are doing our work in line with our values:  if we do that then we can sleep better at night.

How do we do that?

It’s all about customer service.  In a recent interview for the CustomerCentricShow, our Manager Bryan West discussed his commitment to not taking short-cuts with quality.  You can listen the whole conversation here:


What do we value?  

Take a look at this video, and check out Our Courses or be in touch if you’d like to explore what working with us could mean for you.


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