Research Roundup – January 2018

This is my first formal message to you since I was appointed as the Research Manager for Fortress Learning and its international arm, Australian International Vocational College of Education (AIVCE). I am very honoured to take on this position with FL/AIVCE. I will be doing my utmost to work on promoting and strengthening both FL/AIVCE and the VET sector through research.

This January we signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Colombo Plan Staff College (CPSC).  This College is a regional inter-governmental organisation in the Asia Pacific region mandated to enhance Vocational Education and Training in its member countries.

We look forward to working together in exploring potential joint activities in research and development, especially related to the VET sector. This agreement has also given us the opportunity to provide some professional development to VET trainers in Sri Lanka in May 2018. This training delivery will be part of CPSC’s In-Country Programme on “Organisational Strengthening through Strategic Direction”.

AIVCE and CPSC have initiated a research project on the alignment of AQF qualifications with international VET qualifications. The partnering countries in this project are Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, China and The Philippines.

We would also like to announce our first conference presentation which will be held in Melbourne, in April 2018. Australian Vocational Education and Training Research Association (AVETRA) has kindly accepted our Expression of Interest for their conference presentation.

We are engaging in ongoing discussions with National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER) in relation to funded research projects and we look forward to joining Research Working Groups (RWG).  The International VET Conference, held by VELG Training, is another conference that we hope to present at this year. We will keep you updated on these events in the future.

There is a lot more to come this year; opportunities for research, collaboration and learning that will work to benefit the VET sector in Australia and internationally.


Chula Seneviratne

Research Manager

Fortress Learning/AIVCE Conference Presentations

We will be presenting at Australian Vocational Education And Training Research Association (AVETRA) conference held in April 2018 in Melbourne. The presentation will be on “Alignment of Australian and international Vocational Education Training (VET) trainer preparation programmes.”

This is a collaborative research project with Colombo Plan Staff College.

It is determined to focus on aligning Australian TAE40116 trainer training with international trainer training programme/s curricula including Sri Lanka, China, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Philippines. This further focuses on finding out to what degree could the Australian curricula in this context address the needs of VET trainers and the VET sector in these countries.


Planning Research

Planning research is often a messy business, especially when Bryan gets hold of the whiteboard marker!

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