TAESS00018- Deliver E-Learning Skill Set

Michaela 21.10.20 TAE Skill Set Review

NRT logoThe Deliver E-learning Skill Sets gives you the chance to have recognised your knowledge and skills related to delivering training online.  It works well as is, or as a good start or addition to your TAE Diploma.


This Skill Set is offered via a Recognition of Prior Learning/Assessment Only Pathway.

This Skill Set is for teachers and trainers who have the skills and knowledge to deliver e-learning in online and remote learning environments, including in the workplace.

This Skill Set offers recognition for:

  • Designing and developing e-learning resources.
  • Establishing, facilitating, monitoring and reviewing e-learning delivered via electronic media.

It applies to those who work under limited supervision and use a range of specialised technical, training and/or managerial skills, to develop e-learning resources and engage with learners and others to facilitate e-learning.

This Skill Set comprises of the following Units of Competency.

  • TAEDEL501 Facilitate e-learning
  • TAEDES503 Design and develop e-learning resources

Information about each of these units is shown further down this page.

There are no formal entry requirements for this Skill Set.

However, since it is offered only via an Assessment Only/RPL Pathway, it is critical that you have experience in:

  • designing resources to support the delivery of training electronically
  • actually delivering training electronically to one or more groups

Many people will have developed these skills very quickly during the rapid transition to online delivery during the challenge of COVID.

The Deliver E-Learning Skill Set:

Enrolment Duration: 3 months

Course Fee: $600 upfront, or

Payment Plan: $300 in each of Months 1 and 3

Over 45? You might be eligible for 50% funding.

If you are over 45, you might have half of your course fees paid by the government’s Skills Checkpoint for Older Workers (SCOW) program. More information on this page.

The units in this Skill Set do not specify which particular platform you must use.  We have had students successfully attain these units based on their experience using many different platforms, including the likes of Moodle, Canvas, Blackboard, SchoolBox, Mindflash, Learnbook, Learndash and Nimble, to name just a few of the large number that are available.

It’s a common question:  how do the two units from the Deliver E-Learning Skill Set fit within the TAE Diplomas?

The Packaging Rules for TAE50116 Diploma of Vocational Education & Training and TAE50216 Diploma of Training Design & Development are pretty strict.

For both of the Diplomas, the two Deliver E-Learning Skill Set units are elective units.

Whether the units from the Deliver E-learning Skill Set can be used for your Diploma will depend on whether you are wanting to complete a single Dip VET or Dual Dip VET/TDD.

Why does that matter?

The Dual Dip VET/TDD only has room for one elective unit. Most people either bring in TAELLN411 via Credit Transfer for the elective, or else will include TAERES501 if they are in the Vic TAFE system.

If you are interested in the Diploma program, then you could include:

  • both of the Deliver E-Learning units if you pursue a single Dip VET
  • one of the Deliver E-Learning units if you pursue a dual Dip VET.

It’s one thing to think about taking the next step to secure your future. It is another to actually go and do it.

When you are ready to take control of the direction your life takes, then we invite you to join us.

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The Units of Study

The following list shows all of the units that are included in the TAESS00018 Deliver E-Learning Skill Set.

CodeTitleSummary of Requirements
TAEDEL501Facilitate e-learning1. facilitate one complete e-learning program, providing detail about:

- how learner needs were identified
- the e-learning delivery plan
- protocols for the learning environment
- support mechanisms available to learners
- at least two examples of organising and facilitating a minimum of two e-learning activities covering diverse e-learning environments
- how the program was monitored and reviewed.
2. knowledge of adult learning theories, technical/content responses, relevant technologies, ethics, cultural sensitivities and WHS in an electronic education environment
TAEDES503Design & develop e-learning resources1. research, design and develop two e-learning resources that reflect client needs and the contexts of application, including:
- documented evidence of consultation, research and findings
- completed designs for the two resources
- completed development of one resource, with documented evidence of:
- a review and trial of the resource, including user feedback and how this impacted on the development of the resource
- the final e-learning resource, either complete, or in part, or a sample
- the candidate’s specific role in the development process.
2. Knowledge of:
- the characteristics of the intended learner group or audience that may impact on learning, including:
- language, literacy and numeracy competency
- cultural, educational and other backgrounds
- attributes or experience
- current and emerging technologies available for e-resources
- project management methodology to ensure the design and development meets requirements of budget, time, resources and administration
- the principles around effective learning using technology, including multiple perspectives, opportunity for reflection and collaborative learning, and the variety and organisation of information
- concepts of intellectual property and related legal requirements
- a range of e-learning environments and products, and their suitability for different learning outcomes and audiences
- design models and technical requirements for e-learning resources
- how design models and technical resources affect learning.
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