The more Resistance the better when it comes to deciding to study the Certificate IV in Training & Assessment.

We all know people who seem to have a brilliant life – they seem to have things where they want them to be. While we might envy them, there is something that those people do that we can do too.

They Resist Resistance.

Steven Pressfield is a man who seems to know lots of stuff. One thing he seems to know lots about is people, and what makes them tick.

I was reading some of his stuff recently, and came across this line:

“the more important a call or action is to our soul’s evolution, the more Resistance we will feel toward pursuing it”.

People with brilliant lives are those who turn up every day, no matter what. They do the work, re­lentlessly, knowing that each day is a battle against the Resistance that tries to get you to procrastinate, avoid the hard work, and settle for less than you desire.

When things gets tough, it’s easy to look for excuses not to work. Isn’t this meant to be my life, my time to relax, my promotion, my career change, my utopia? Surely it should always be fun?

And it got me thinking about learning.

We all hear it said that we need to learn continually to develop our skills and stay up to date, and that we are learning all the time in so many parts of our life.

Well, that might be true but I am not sure we pay much attention to it. And I think that the reason we don’t pay much attention to it is because it is passive. It almost makes it seem like something is going to happen without us actually having to do anything.

I think that Pressfield might call this lazy learning.

You see, what Pressfield’s words are telling us is quite remarkable. He is saying that building a successful life is one of the biggest evolutions you can under­take, so you can be damn sure that you’ll en­counter plenty of Resistance along the way.

What was that?

The more you resist something, the more important it is that you do it.

“Fight it. Do the work. ”

When I speak with people about whether they should do their Cert IV in Training & Assessment, this comes through time and time again.
“I know I need to do it, but…”
“I know I should do it, but..”
“I’ve been meaning to do it for x years, but…”

Such conversations can get a bit stuck, so I like to ask them a different question:

In 5 years, will you be content to look back and say the same things?

Don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to mess with people’s heads here. Instead, I am trying to help people work out what is best for them.

And this takes me back to Pressfield’s thought about Resistance.
If you are not sure that you should do the Cert IV, then take a step back and see just how much Resistance you have to the idea of doing it….if there is lots of Resistance, then maybe the time to do it is now.

And if that doesn’t help, you can always fall back on the parable of the old man, who says that he can see your future just by looking at what you have done over the past 5 days.
There’s no magic in predicting the future, he says, just a logical outcome of decisions that are never made.
“I can see what your future is like just by looking at the chances you did not take over the past 5 days.”