Two Skills the TAE40110 Certificate IV Gives Us to Help Others Do Their Job

The TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training & Assessment is misunderstood. It is about training, and it is about assessing, but it is about much more than that.

In fact, it is in not so much about anything. Instead, it is FOR a few things. Knowing this purpose of the Cert IV TAE can empower people to make better decisions about whether it is suitable for them and their employees.

The TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training & Assessment equips people to be able to design and deliver training and conduct assessments in a broad range of workplace and other settings.

It is easy to see that TAFE teachers will need it, because their job is by definition training people and then assessing them. However, the purpose of the qualification goes far beyond those who are employed as teachers and trainers.

With this qualification, any worker with skills and/or knowledge to share will be able to equip other people with the same skills and knowledge. In this way, the qualification achieves its main aim, which is basically to ensure that Australia business has people who are able to do the jobs that it needs and to the standard that it requires.

It does this by focusing on two main skills:

Knowing what a workplace needs.

The TAE Cert IV skills people to deconstruct a workplace task and work out what it actually means to be able to do the task. By working out the steps involved in a task, we are able to make clear what we expect others to do. And, as anyone who has sat through a performance review would know, knowing what is expected of us is a key to being able to do what is expected of us.

Knowing how people learn.

But, the Cert IV in Training & Assessment does not stop there. It also introduces us to ways in which adults learn, and skills us in how to plan a sequence of learning activities so that they can pass on their skills and knowledge to individuals and groups. What’s more, we are equipped with the ability to identify the learning characteristics of our target learner/s, making it possible for us to design these activities so that they specifically allow the specific skills to be taught in a specific way for specific individuals and groups.

The combination of these two skills is what gives the course its greatest strength. Graduates are able to readily identify the training needs of a workplace, and then develop a learning program to be able to meet those needs.

In doing so, graduates will be able to provide rapid response to the workplace development needs within their own organisations.