Vacancies with Fortress Learning

We do not currently have any vacancies.

TAE Assessor (Toowoomba or home-based)

We are keen to employ someone on a full-time basis to perform the following duties:

  • assessment of submissions by students enrolled in our TAE Cert IV and Diploma programs
  • validation and moderation of internal and partner assessments
  • other duties related to the role

This position is a fixed term contract until April 1, 2019.   The opportunity for continued employment beyond that date is strong, but not guaranteed.


The commencement date will be negotiated with the successful applicant, although November/December is preferred.

How to Apply:

To submit an Expression of Interest for this role, send an email to with Subject Line:  EOI Marker and include a cover letter that outlines:

  1. your experience relevant to the role
  2. titles of your relevant TAE or higher level adult ed qualifications, including the name of the issuing RTO
  3. your availability to commence
  4. your salary expectations
  5. if you are also applying for the Trainer/Assessor role that is also being advertised (see below)

Applications are due by October 31.

Trainer/Assessor (Dip VET/TDD)

We are seeking to employ someone who is keen to take a few months to work directly with our senior staff to develop a very high level of skills and knowledge related to VET, and through that develop the knowledge and skills to deliver and assess Fortress Learning’s online TAE Diploma program.  The successful applicant will experience a 3 month induction period wherein they will be fully equipped to:

  • develop and deliver online curricula for TAE50116 & TAE50216
  • provide high levels of service to a motivated and eager body of students who do not want to take any shortcuts
  • contribute to compliance, marketing and other organisational activities related to day-to-day and strategic management of the RTO
  • work as part of a small, yet highly-motivated and committed team

The Induction:

We expect that the Induction period will take 3 months, during which time the successful applicant will shadow our current TAE Diploma trainer (also our Manager) and learn all aspects of the role, including:

  1. Handling pre-enrolment inquiries
  2. Planning individual programs for students based on their own experience and context
  3. Marking, marking and more marking
  4. Reviewing and amending student programs based on changing circumstances
  5. Self and time management to operate within Fortress Learning’s service standards
  6. Supporting students through a range of situations
  7. Managing challenging conversations, including those with highly capable people who have not demonstrated competence
  8. Working within Fortress Learning’s compliance and continuous improvement frameworks
  9. Contributing professionally to the broader VET community through such things as writing articles and engaging in forum discussions and contributing to research
  10. Undertaking various tasks associated with our ongoing Compliance schedule
  11. Other tasks as agreed and based not just on our need, but on your interest and abilities

You can expect that autonomy and variety will grow in line with your own growth within the role.  This will be a challenging period of self-reflection that will result in a very well developed level of VET-technical knowledge and skill.

The salary during this period will be $65k.


Following successful completion of the Induction period, the salary will increase to $80k+.  Further increases and their timing will be negotiated based on demonstrated quality of performance.

As an independent Trainer/Assessor with Fortress Learning, the role will involve many rewards, but there are some realities, including:

  1. A potentially competing mix of daily and strategic development activities.  The day will mostly be filled with marking, calls, emails and virtual classroom delivery, combined with continuous development of the program and the usual other tasks that come with working in an RTO, all of which will be undertaken in such a way to meet our strict service standards and response times.
  2. Working with highly driven, motivated students who teach us as much as we teach them.  The successful applicant will ideally possess a broad base of experience across a number of Training Packages and RTO-functions so that they can relate to the experiences of our students.   Many of our students possess years of experience, and the successful applicant will possess the ability to both guide them through what they often see as a tedious and time-consuming process, and be able to tell them that they are not competent in a way that they appreciate.

Minimum Qualifications/Experience:

  • TAE50116 Dip VET, or its predecessor (or ability to attain via RPL, and willingness to do so prior to commencement)
  • At least a couple of years working at the VET coalface, with preference for someone who has experience working across a number of industry areas

Personal Attributes:

This position requires a positive, can-do attitude.  It is suited to someone who is motivated by service to others, and who understands that moving forward across the contemporary VET landscape will require a period of reflection and consolidation.


The successful applicant will ideally be based in Toowoomba for most if not all of the induction period, with the opportunity to work from home negotiable following that.


The commencement date will be negotiated with the successful applicant, although November/December is preferred.

How to apply:

Applications are due by October 31.

Submit applications to The Manager, via with Subject Line:  Application: TAE Trainer/Assessor, and including:

  • statement of purpose, sharing:
    • what is it you are seeking to achieve and contribute within the VET sector
    • how this role would fit within the above
    • what you find exciting about the role
    • what you find a little unsettling about the role
  • available start date, and extent to which you are able to work from Toowoomba during the induction period
  • current Trainer/Assessor Profile (some people may call it a matrix)

Suitable candidates will be invited to complete an assessment of knowledge and skills, with a shortlist of candidates emerging from that.


Vacancies with other RTOs

We are aware of the following vacancies with other organisations.  You are welcome to contact them for further details.

Michelle Charlton is heading up a group of people assessing TAEASS502 for a large RTO.  Details here:

ICAT Aviation College is looking for qualified T&A staff members, with opportunities for developers / trainers across a range of training packages.

Key areas of current demand:

  • The ability to work on development of TAS for VET & HES.
  • Online learning authoring & design.
  • Multilingual – LLN & Foundation skills programs
  • AVI – training package – Remote pilot, Cabin Crew, Commercial pilot
  • BSB – training package – Aviation management

Further details are available by contacting Simon Murray, via or 0401 657 706.

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