Your requested information: the Cert IV TAE

Bryan shows off torn palmIf you’d rather just get to the info instead of reading, then clicking on the images below will allow  you to download the brochure for our standard program, as well as the same Survey that we use with our enrolled students to plan their programs; it’s a great way to see yourself through the eyes of the qualification, and you are welcome to send it in so we can tell you what your program will include. – Emma & Bryan


My name is Emma, and with Bryan (that’s us over there), I look after our Cert IV TAE program here at Fortress Learning.

We like to keep things pretty close.  That’s probably why we don’t have thousands of students; we prefer to know who our students are.

But, if you have been looking around for a while, then chances are you may already be feeling a bit overwhelmed with information.

I get that.

And I don’t want to add to it.

So, how about we do things a bit differently…. so instead of us just swamping you with more information just in case some of it might be helpful to you, how about we have a chat instead?

You’ll be talking with one of us, and since it will be one of us who is your Trainer when you enrol, it’s probably a good way to get things started.  We can hear your questions and thoughts and concerns and we can explore what working together might look like.

Keen to connect?

How about you CLICK HERE to schedule a time for one of us to give you a call – that link will give you direct access to my calendar, and it’s the same link my students use if they want to book a call.

I look forward to it.


The Standard TAE Cert IV Program


The Upgrade TAE Cert IV Program

TAE40116 Upgrade Brochure

Helping you make an Informed Decision

To help you make an informed decision, we invite you to complete the Personal Learning Plan Survey.  This is something that we usually do when people enrol, but you might find it helpful to do it now.

Simply download the Survey, fill it out as best you can and return it to Odeza and we will be able to tell you precisely what you will be in for, and which program is most suitable.  Odeza’s email address is

It is designed for both Full Course and Upgrade Course programs.

Your Personal Learning Plan

PLP Survey TAE40116

We invite you to take a look at this information, and then give us a call on 1300 141 994 to talk about how we can serve you.

When you decide this is something you wish to be a part of, then you can go ahead and enrol by CLICKING HERE.

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